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  1. Foto Studio Visionart is a place where you can find and explore my artistic side as a photographer. The word Foto is spelled differently, this was influenced from my Italian heritage. I was born and raised in the Southern region of Italy called Puglia. Since moving to Canada, I have incorporated my “artistic” passion in every project, mainly as painter and muralist, also including videography and photography as well. In order to serve you better in this critical moment,  I have taken all the precautions to create a safe environment in my “Open Studio”. The studio is located in a well ventilated open space with a set ready for your photo shoot.

  2. My goal as Photographer is to provide you with passionate ArtWork to share with your family or via social media. As the famous painter Edgar Degas said: “Art is not what you see but what you make others see”.


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Based in Toronto, Ontario