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I’m specialized in Fine Art Painting and wall mural, including school’s murals, kids murals and private decoration. Also available wood restoration and Arte Sacra for churches and private, for the GTA Area.

Contemporary Art


100% Hand made acrylic artwork on canvas or wood board, in different techniques

Arte Sacra

Wood Restoration


It usually takes more or less 7 to 14 business days to create your artwork.


Fee are separately. Shipping can take 2 to 5 days. Please note that with the ongoing global pandemic, we anticipate potential delays with shipping outside the GTA.

How it works

Upload the picture of your pet or a person or an object that you would like me to reproduce, using this FORM, submit it and I will contact you to discuss your preferences for the artwork. After we finalized the Artwork, you will be asked to place your order, using the ORDER FORM that I will send you. When the order is confirmed, no more changes can be done to the Artwork. You can choose between buying an unframed or framed version of your custom painting. Framed version is your portrait extended/wrapped around the sides (Gallery Wrap). unframed version is your portrait received carefully rolled in a tube. Choose also the date when you wish to receive the painting. Please note that with the ongoing global pandemic, we anticipate potential delays with shipping outside the GTA.

Multimedia Artist

Based in Toronto, Ontario

Leonardo da Vinci collection - Acrylic on wood board and canvas

Awaken the Greatness Within 500 Years Leonardo da Vinci

IL VOLO    2019

“Il volo” is my last Art Exhibition - before covid - that was displayed at the Artscape art gallery - Wychwood Barns,  November 2019. My work on Leonardo Da Vinci is based mainly on his studies of the "Flight". They are abstract works done some on canvas and others on wood. Strong lines and bright colors represent and underline the "movement" and are the prerogative of my style inspired by established artists such as Ennio Morlotti and Gerhard Richter.


Wintart Fest  2014 - Art Exhibition 2014  - St Clair  Av. - Toronto

Nico Monteleone - Artist

Yunner - Photographer

Aly Westwood - Singer

A special thanks to Daniel Cusimano - Architect and Art Collector - for his introduction on my work at the opening. This current collection is called "MOVIMENTI" I used different mediums to capture the essence of the natural direction, flow and color of certain objects as they are captured in full motion. My inspiration comes from everything I see, feel and experience. My work is influenced by the German filmmaker Wim Wenders - best known for his films "Wings of desire" and "Paris-texas" - and another internationally acclaimed German artist Gerhard Richter.

Thanks to everyone who attended my last Art Exhibit “Movimenti”.

Wychwood Barns Art Gallery - Toronto, ON

MOVIMENTI     2013

2016 Movimenti Art Exhibit Group of Artist

Old Town Hall

NewMarket ON

2016 Passaggi 


Tea and Coffee House, NewMarket ON

As a liturgical consultant, VisionArtStudio is uniquely qualified to interpret the new or changing needs of your parish. In the case of an older structure, he can balance contemporary necessities with the building's historical significance. He can help define your needs, develop goals and evaluate options. He also shares his expertise in fundraising and guides your committee through the creative process. By providing a variety of solutions, resources and media, VisionArtStudio offers a wide range of ideas and options.

VisionArtStudio brings unequaled skill to each project.

San Pio

Donated to

St. Norbert Catholic Church Toronto - Acrylic on canvas

year: 2009

San Pio

Private Collection, Italy Acrylic on canvas

year: 2010

San Pio

Donated to a private Toronto

Acrylic on canvas

year: 2007

San Pio & St. Norbert

painted for St. Norbert Catholic Church

Toronto - Acrylic on canvas

year: 2008

San Rocco

Painted for the Church in Monteleone di Puglia, Italy

Acrylic painting on wood.

year: 2005

Resurrection of Jesus

Cemetery of Monteleone di Puglia, Italy

year: 2007

Acrylic on wood


Private collection

Acrylic and gold on board

year: 2008

Madonna con Angeli

Painted for the Church in Monteleone di Puglia, Italy

Acrylic painting on wood.

year: 2005



VisionArtStudio is also specialized in wood restoration and decoration

I worked in a wood restoration and conservation laboratory called Sofia Lino in Vicenza, Italy. I was employed to restore and decorate the interiors of historical buildings and churches in and around Vicenza. I also worked for the SADI S.p.a. Restoration Company in Vicenza, Italy restoring the legendary La Fenice Theatre in Venice, Italy. Specifically, I restored the moldings and decorative fixtures.

Imagine a world with no visual or performing arts, no music or film. VisionArtStudio creates opportunities for students, in different levels and grades to bring and make space for the Arts in your school.

Option 1:

Hire the artist

For Principals

VISIONART is a company specialized in murals and/or custom painting for schools. If you have already a picture in mind or logo to be represented into a mural, Decal quotes or Mascot for your Gymnasium, connect with VISIONART, and the artist Nico Monteleone, will be pleasant to discuss further details.

In case you don’t have a design, yet, VISIONART can make one for your school at no extra fee.

See previous school’s murals to have an idea, here.

You can also use this form to receive an estimate price of your artwork.

Option 2:

After School Art Program

This programs will connect the artist with youth from local schools. Project based learning and integrative life and art skills focusing on different experiences: Fine Art, Photography and Video animation.

Available also for Saturdays courses.


Option 3:

Create a memories mural

with the grade 8 students

This programs include a total of 8 sessions with 2 hours for each session. The program is held and conduct by the artist Nico Monteleone.

During the first couple session students will learn the History of Murals and the Basic Color Theory including line, composition, lettering. The next session student will learn about Drawing and Sketching and they will start the brainstorm to Design the main idea of the Mural. In the remaining sessions, students will start drawing and painting the Mural.

The goal of this program is to offer young students, interested in art, an introduction to the process used in the creation of a murals.

VISIONART only uses acrylic water base paint

If you are interested to know more details about this program for your students, please send me an e-mail by clicking here



This is one of my first painting of Toronto city's most distinctive landmarks building: The Toronto City Hall. Designed by Viljo Revell and engineered by Hannskarl Bandel, the building opened in 1965. It replaced the neighbouring Old City Hall, which was occupied by the municipal government since 1899 and continues to house municipal offices and courts. The new city hall is located adjacent to Nathan Phillips Square.


Most of the drawing in this collection, made using black ink pen, are from a live work in my home town, in Italy. The rest of the drawing are made using different pencils.

Colored drawing on paper option available now with VisionArtStudio.

Step 1. Choose your size

Step 2. Send me a picture for your drawing and leave it to me!

Step 3. I will contact you back within few days with an estimated price.

Send your photo along with the details to this email:

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