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Imagine a world with no visual or performing arts, no music or film. VISIONART creates opportunities for students, in different levels and grades to bring and make space for the Arts in your school.

Option 1: Hire the artist

For Principals:

VISIONART is a company specialized in murals and/or custom painting for schools. If you have already a picture in mind or logo to be represented into a mural, Decal quotes or Mascot for your Gymnasium, connect with VISIONART, and the artist Nico Monteleone, will be pleasant to discuss further details.

In case you don’t have a design, yet, VISIONART can make one for your school at no extra fee.

See previous school’s murals to have an idea, here.

You can also use this form to receive an estimate price of your artwork.

Art for Schools

Option 2: After School Art Program

This programs will connect the artist with youth from local schools. Project based learning and integrative life and art skills focusing on different experiences: Fine Art, Photography and Video animation.

Available also for Saturdays courses.


Option 3:

Create a memories mural with the grade 8 students

This programs include a total of 8 sessions with 2 hours for each session. The program is held and conduct by the artist Nico Monteleone.

During the first couple session students will learn the History of Murals and the Basic Color Theory including line, composition, lettering. The next session student will learn about Drawing and Sketching and they will start the brainstorm to Design the main idea of the Mural. In the remaining sessions, students will start drawing and painting the Mural.

The goal of this program is to offer young students, interested in art, an introduction to the process used in the creation of a murals.

VISIONART only uses acrylic water base paint

If you are interested to know more details about this program for your students, please open the form here

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